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About Us

We are proud to serve the Music Community!

Banners was promoted by M/s Jagadish & Associates Pvt. Ltd India, in 1990. We are a family owned business, managed professionally, to give quality accessories for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass instruments to the music community. Each one of us have dedicated ourselves in individual disciplines to perfect the art of making these parts.

We buy wood from felled trees from the auction centres in India. The accessories that we make are made from the finest timber-Ebony, Boxwood, Rosewood and TintuI in the time honoured tradition.

They are artistically handcrafted by dedicated luthiers, who have over the years developed their skills from their predecessors, using the same tools and varnishes as the old master makers.

It is gratifying to state that our products have gained recognition throughout the world from the wholesalers, retailers and the players alike, for our products, packaging and delivery schedule.

CSR-Banners contribute to the family of workers by way of free education for their children, medical facilities and granting of loans. This is an initiative towards the less fortunate segment of our society.

Brand Banners is today a household name.

Our journey is to focus on Perfection, Continuity, Urge To Learn, Develop and upgrade ourselves to deliver an International Product .

It has been a rewarding experience for us to make friends with the talented Musicians, Music  Companies and Retailers around the world.

Rana Banerjee

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